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Meter Arch

Spencer, West Virginia

Bridge Replacement


West Virginia Department of Highways


West Virginia Department of Transportation



December 2009

Technical Description:

  • Span: 48 ft
  • Rise: 10 ft
  • Length: 66 ft

The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) needed to replace an aging bridge structure located on Route 199 near Spencer, West Virginia. The new structure needed to be placed in a super-elevated turn and accommodate two lanes of traffic due to the layout of the existing state highway.

The WVDOT specified and approved a 48’ span CON/SPAN® Bridge System with a 10’ rise and a total lay-length of 66’. They also utilized precast headwalls and wingwalls to provide an aesthetically pleasing, signature look. The economical design and fast, set-in-place construction provided the necessary solution.

“CON/SPAN was the perfect choice for this project because of its ability to minimize stream impact and allow for phased construction,” said Chad Tony, In-House Design Engineer with the West Virginia Division of Highways.

The project was completed in two phases to ensure that two lanes of traffic could be maintained at all times. This also eliminated the need for temporary bridge structures, thus further reducing the cost of the project.

During Phase 1, 85% of the arch units, two wingwalls and a headwall were installed. Phase 2 consisted of installing the remaining 15% of the arch units, the second headwall and the final two wingwalls. The final set was completed in just one day. Both representatives from the West Virginia Division of Highways and Meadows Stone and Paving, Inc., the contractor on the project, were impressed with the speed of installation.

“These structures set easily and we really liked the set up,” stated Dale Hinkle, Project Superintendent of Meadows Stone and Paving. “I don’t think there is a faster way to build a bridge.”

Technical Description:

  • Span: 48 ft
  • Rise: 10 ft
  • Length: 66 ft

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