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Manheim Texas Hobby Expansion

Manheim, Texas

Collaborative Sustainable Stormwater Management






Summer 2023

Technical Description:

42" Aluminized Steel Type 2 with XFiltration Joint

Manheim, a distinguished leader in the auto auction industry, embarked on an ambitious project to expand its facility at Hobby Airport in Texas. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, Manheim sought to accommodate the surging demand for its services while exemplifying its dedication to environmentally responsible practices. Central to this expansion project was the need for efficient stormwater management.

The project encompassed the expansion and development of an 18-lane sales area capable of accommodating over 3,300 vehicles per week, all on a sprawling 165-acre site.

Recognizing the need for a stormwater management solution that aligned with Manheim's commitment to sustainability and efficient design collaboration, Contech was a natural choice. This alignment, combined with Contech's expertise in collaborative design through our consultation and design team and the Contech Design Center, made them the ideal partners for this critical project.

The site had a tight footprint and limited depth. Contech's solution was a 42" diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) detention system utilizing the XFiltration joint, a specially designed joint to exfiltrate stormwater into the surrounding stone backfill. Using the XFiltration allows stormwater storage within the stone backfill, saving valuable land space. This solution met the high-performance infiltration standards sought by Manheim and offered distinct advantages in terms of lead time and installation efficiency.

The decision to collaborate with Contech and adopt the XFiltration joint system addressed the project's performance requirements and fulfilled the need for a sustainable and environmentally responsible product. Moreover, Contech's commitment to collaborative design, expedited drawings, 3D BIM models, and comprehensive documentation expedited the design process. It empowered stakeholders to verify total storage calculations in HydroCAD to give everyone peace of mind. This achievement allowed Manheim to enhance its service offerings for its customers and showcase its commitment to sustainable growth through efficient and collaborative design.

Technical Description:

42" Aluminized Steel Type 2 with XFiltration Joint


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