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January 2021

Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator
  • 198' of 90' of Aluminized Steel Type 2
The site for the new Mahan Medical Center was located on a land-locked, triangular shape lot which presented several stormwater design challenges. To achieve a functional building and parking configuration, stormwater needed to be stored underground.  Being familiar with Contech’s extensive stormwater portfolio, the project engineer contacted our experts for help in developing a cost-effective solution.

Contech's pipe solution can comply with the City of Tallahassee's minimum design standards for underground stormwater systems.  Based on the available depth and high percolating soils, the project engineer selected Contech’s 90” diameter, perforated aluminized pipe solution backfilled with stone to meet the 12,000 cf volume required for the land-locked basin in the limited space available. The high percolation rate of the soils enables the system to achieve water quality treatment through percolation and drain down within the necessary time.

The City standards require pretreatment of runoff entering the system.  While Contech’s treatment portfolio includes several hydro-dynamic separators, the project engineer specified the Contech CDS based on its ability to capture both trash and sediment, manage high flow rates, and offer design flexibility. The CDS can be configured with multiple inlet pipes and can collect water from the surface via a grate inlet. In addition, the CDS contains an internal bypass mechanism, eliminating the need for a costly bypass structure. 

While this project presented several site constraints, by working with Contech, the design team met these challenges and reduced the system costs for their clients. 

Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator
  • 198' of 90' of Aluminized Steel Type 2

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