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Lynn Shoreline Stabilization

Lynn, Massachusetts

Shoreline Stabilization


City of Lynn


Spring 2019

Technical Description:

• 47,629 sf of ArmorFlex® Class 70 Articulated Concrete Block System

Over time, the forces associated with wave attack have proven to be constant and detrimental to many of the shorelines and harbors around the United States. In Lynn, Massachusetts, a 14-acre waterfront revitalization project was being finalized when a managing director of the development team noted the majority of existing granite revetment failing adjacent to the proposed site. Knowing the new development called North Harbor required extensive shoreline stabilization, the Minco development team understood a more robust and proven revetment system would be needed to ensure long term success of their waterfront revitalization.

Tasking the designer to investigate more robust solutions to combat erosive wave action, the development team proposed an articulated concrete block (ACB) mattress system. Specifically, an ACB system with proven wave attack testing and applications, able to withstand varying wave heights and periods associated with the tidal coast of Massachusetts. Additional care was taken throughout the design process to address freeze/thaw effects, abutting existing structures, lateral/horizontal connections and the necessity for a highly vegetated slope above the high tide mark. Final revetment aesthetics was a governing design parameter for the owner in order to compliment the 322-unit residential community central to the waterfront development. Contech Engineered Solutions assisted the designer and local nursery to develop custom starter plant containers which exactly matched the ACB system’s open cells where ultimately natural grasses and flowering plants were specified.

After a detailed process to obtain design and permitting approval from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, 47,629 sf of the ArmorFlex® Class 70 Articulated Concrete Block system from Contech was selected and installed as the best solution to protect the shoreline from erosion. ArmorFlex is a flexible, interlocking matrix of cellular concrete blocks of uniform size, shape and weight used for hard armor erosion control in wave attack and other severe hydraulic applications. ArmorFlex systems are individually tested for wave attack as well as overtopping flow regimes to determine hydraulic design capabilities. Fabricated with revetment cables to provide ease-of-handling and rapid installation, ArmorFlex mats are offered in a variety of custom sizes.

"Contech provides a quality product and customer service that is rarely matched in this industry," stated Alasdair Cunningham, Project Manager with Charter Contracting Company, LLC. "Whatever support/assistance we required, Contech provided it in a complete and timely manner. With Contech’s support, our crews were able to install this system in difficult conditions and on a limited project schedule. The result was a successful project for Charter and an extremely pleased client.“

Technical Description:

• 47,629 sf of ArmorFlex® Class 70 Articulated Concrete Block System

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