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Litchfield Park

Litchfield Park, Arizona

Stormwater Detention


City of Litchfield Park






Summer 2021

Technical Description:

  • UrbanPond® Concrete Detention System
  • Storage: 90,000 CF

Recently, 8.5 acres of open space was developed at the Litchfield Park City Civic Center as part of the City Center Destination Plan. The city aimed to create a welcoming space with open grass for community gatherings, sports, recreation, and other activities while addressing stormwater challenges underground and out of sight.

The city wanted to preserve the functionality of the proposed grass field for community events and gatherings within this development, minimizing concrete structures or access hatches that would disrupt the surface for its users. With a project drainage area of 29.45 acres, the proposed treatment system would hold 90,000 CF of stormwater and release it into the native soil for recharge. This was also a Construction Management at Risk project (CMAR), so ensuring a quick and smooth installation was crucial.

The original plan specified a competitor's detention system below the park. However, engineers later selected the UrbanPond concrete detention system to satisfy the city's wish for fewer structural obstacles and maximize safe, usable space.

The 124' x 107' foot UrbanPond system used nearly half the original footprint and used only five access risers compared to 28 on the original system considered for this project. Contech's in-house engineering team also incorporated weep holes in the poured slab for infiltration. This allows runoff to pass through subsurface soils, reducing stormwater pollutant loading on surface waters. Lastly, the general contractor was able to set the system rather than subcontracting the installation to a wet utility contractor, speeding up the installation process.

Technical Description:

  • UrbanPond® Concrete Detention System
  • Storage: 90,000 CF

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