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Lincoln Ave.

Cheboygan, Michigan

Stream Crossing




United Design Assocaites/Rowe Inc.


Milbocker & Sons, Inc.


September 27, 2007

Technical Description:

  • Span: 60 ft (6)
  • Rise: 14 ft (6)
  • Length: 378 ft

Due to deicing salts frequently used on the original prestressed-box-beam bridge in northern Michigan, the structure was experiencing deterioration. The bridge was shut down for complete replacement in 2006. A CON/SPAN® structure was selected and approved by the city and MDOT for the replacement.

The precast structure allowed the City, ROWE Inc. and Milbocker and Sons to develop a construction plan that would limit environmental impacts and interference with boat traffic along the river. Though a project of this size would generally take more than a year to complete, the Lincoln Avenue bridge was finished in just 8 months.

“The new bridge improves upon the old one in many ways,” said Scott McNeil, Cheboygan City Manager. “The project was well planned and the process has gone smoothly.”

The new bridge is six spans of 60’ precast arches and one of the largest CON/SPAN structures ever installed. The structure includes 5-foot-wide sidewalks on each side, three traffic lanes, epoxy-coated shoulders to endure snowmobile traffic, and a concrete curb and gutter. Special touches help make the new bridge visually attractive, including Greenstreak® fractured rib series formliner used in casting the headwall for aesthetic purposes.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 60 ft (6)
  • Rise: 14 ft (6)
  • Length: 378 ft

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