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Lakeland Airport Fulfillment Center Terminal Expansion

Lakeland, Florida

Storm Sewer


Lakeland Linder International Airport




IPC Paving


May 2023

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SPRE
  • Diameter: 54-inch
  • Length: 1,296 LF

To meet the escalating demands, a national fulfillment center recognized the necessity of expanding their terminal facilities at Florida's Lakeland Airport. This expansion required a solution to address wetland and drainage concerns within the vicinity.

Initially, the proposed plan involved using reinforced concrete pipes (RCP) as the solution. However, owing to lead time and the overall cost of installation, the on-site contractor suggested an alternative approach to tackle these challenges. Leveraging their experience with a DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) solution utilized about a decade ago for a project in Sanford, Florida, the contractor was confident in its viability for this specific endeavor. This alternative solution not only aligned with project requirements and structural demands but also effectively addressed the concerns regarding time and expenses.

Having found success with DuroMaxx® SRPE in the past, the contractor proposed it as a substitute for the original plan. Upon careful evaluation of this alternative, the engineer verified its compliance with all project specifications and approved the use of DuroMaxx® SRPE for the storm sewer system.

This decision yielded an installation-friendly approach while also proving to be notably cost-effective. In a remarkable feat, the contractor managed to install the entire 54-inch diameter, 1,296 LF DuroMaxx® SRPE system within just three days, a significant achievement compared to the originally planned RCP system that would have taken well over two weeks to complete.

Given the need to address wetland concerns and drainage challenges in the area, the DuroMaxx® SRPE storm sewer system was installed beneath a pond. To ensure the pond's integrity, an impermeable liner was positioned along the crown of the pipe. This ingenious setup allowed the storm sewer system to function efficiently for the surrounding region. Contech Engineered Solutions played a crucial role by providing on-site assistance and conducting buoyancy checks to guarantee the system's optimal functionality.

In the end, both the owner and the engineer expressed immense satisfaction with the successful outcome achieved through the utilization of the DuroMaxx® SRPE storm sewer system, a product manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SPRE
  • Diameter: 54-inch
  • Length: 1,296 LF

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