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Juno Street Pump Station Nutrient Filtration

Jupiter, Florida

Stormwater Treatment


City of Jupiter, Florida


Hazen and Sawyer


Foster Marine Contractors


March 2023

Technical Description:

Peak Diversion Jellyfish Filter

The Seminole Avenue Stormwater Basin resides in an older section of the Town of Jupiter, served by the Seminole Avenue pump station and detention area, which discharges to the Loxahatchee River, a vital waterbody to the local ecosystem, as well as to the local and state economies. Modeling of the basin indicated the system receives minimal water quality treatment, limiting the permittable discharge rate to the river and contributing to flooding.

This project aimed to construct an additional stormwater pump station south of Juno Street. This station, coupled with a new stormwater filtration system and a new outfall to the FEC Canal, will minimize flooding and significantly enhance the quality of stormwater runoff entering the river.

Finding a suitable filtration system was a challenge, as stormwater pump stations typically move water at a flow rate that is beyond the capability of most nutrient filtration systems. Engineers at Hazen and Sawyer specified the Jellyfish Filter- Peak Diversion to meet this challenge.

The Jellyfish Filter is a high-rate membrane treatment system capable of removing floatables, trash, oil, debris, TSS, fine silt-sized particles, and a high percentage of particulate-bound pollutants, including phosphorus, nitrogen, metals and hydrocarbons from stormwater. The peak diversion configuration provides treatment and high-flow bypass in one precast vault, eliminating the need for an external bypass or junction structures.

During design, evaluations of potential nutrient load reduction best management practices were conducted to further the Town’s nutrient impairment goals relative to the Loxahatchee Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP). Data suggests the Jellyfish Filter will reduce total nitrogen (TN) discharging from the basin by 65 lbs/yr.

The Jellyfish Filter was installed immediately upstream of the pump station. A Contech Field Consultant was on-site to provide installation support to the contractor and maintenance training for the City's Public Works department.

The project will be integral to the success of the Loxahatchee River Pollutant Reduction Plan (PRP) and the desired elimination of existing water quality impairments in the river.

Technical Description:

Peak Diversion Jellyfish Filter


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