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Hubbell Road Culvert Reline

Spencerport, New York

Reline / Rehabilitation


Monroe County NYDOT


Costich Engineering of Rochester


Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC


Fall 2015

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE Liner Pipe
  • Diameter: 108-in.
  • Length: 140 LF (20' sections)

Located in Spencerport, New York, Northampton Park boasts 973 acres of recreational activities such as hiking, camping and more – including a downhill ski slope and rope tow, a model airplane field, hiking trails and Salmon Creek, a popular source for trout fishing which runs directly under Hubbell Road along Route 31.

When the Monroe County, New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT) decided to rehabilitate the 10.5’ diameter culvert that carries Salmon Creek under Hubbell Rd, they had to take many things into considerations. The location of Hubbell Rd between two sections of Northampton Park did not help matters as they would need to minimize the damage to mature trees that covered the roadway slopes on both sides of the culvert. The southwest corner of the culvert was also adjacent to the recreational ski slope. They made it a priority to mitigate any disruption to the surrounding areas and recreational activities both local residents and tourist alike enjoyed. To help with these decisions, they engaged Costich Engineering of Rochester.

Upon close examination of the culvert, Costich determined that it was an early version of galvanized MULTI-PLATE® pipe which dated back to the late 1930s. Hydraulic modelling revealed that it would be a good candidate for segmental sliplining. This was fortunate given the surrounding forest and nearby park. In an effort to minimize the removal of more than a few trees, the engineer recommended the use of SPR™ PE spiral wound steel reinforced polyethylene pipe from Contech Engineered Solutions. Plans and specifications were developed and included provisions for value engineering in the event a contractor could creatively accomplish all of the required goals for the project, but in a different fashion.

Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC was the low bidder, and they immediately pursued approval of a value engineering proposal using the factory made version of steel reinforced polyethylene – DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) which was also manufactured by Contech. They determined there was adequate access at the upstream end of the culvert and sufficient room to conduct all construction operations without any significant removal of trees. This approach netted the county about $50,000 in savings, which was approximately 15% of the original contract value.

The solution to reline the failing culvert that carried Salmon Creek under Hubbell Road from Colby Street and Route 31 with 108-in. diameter DuroMaxx SRPE proved to be both a cost-effective and relatively easy process in comparison to what would have been an extensive undertaking including expansive area excavation in order to cut in and replace the existing pipe not to mention the disruption to the nearby park.

Project Manager at Costich Engineering, D.P.C., Michael P. Montalto, commented, “The use of the Contech DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced liner system allowed the rehabilitation of the culvert at a substantial cost savings and reduction in construction duration over traditional culvert replacement methods while meeting all of the County’s design standards for culvert and bridge rehabilitation.  The Contech team was an invaluable resource during the Value Engineering evaluation process.”

DuroMaxx is an exceptional pipe made with an ideal combination of materials. 80 ksi steel reinforcing (SR) ribs provides the strength while the pressure rated polyethylene (PE) resin provides the durability. The combination of these materials results in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe. DuroMaxx is designed with a smooth, inner wall for outstanding hydraulic capacity and provides properties for long-term service and performance in the most demanding environments. Once sliplined into the existing pipe, DuroMaxx would provide a completely structural solution along with a hydraulically smooth inner wall suitable for the expected water flow.

CBC Engineers & Associates, Ltd. of Dayton, Ohio reviewed the structural calculations to ensure that the proposed DuroMaxx liner pipe solution would deliver the required structural performance. They evaluated the structural calculators and shop drawings for the pipe and confirmed that DuroMaxx was suitable and would provide the accepted industry standards for the structure type, including support of HL-93 live loads.

With onsite support from Contech, Ironwood installed the DuroMaxx SRPE liner pipe through a segmental slipline method. Once the site was prepared and the invert of the host pipe cleaned, the DuroMaxx SRPE liner pipe was pushed into place through the west end of the pipe along a continuous runner system. Once the four 37.5 foot long pipe segments were installed and the coupler joints field-welded, they began the grouting process in a three-stage approach. Blocking at the joints had been installed and internal floor beams and screw jacks were added, along with water ballast to resist the uplift forces. Utilizing a non-structural, cellular grout, Ironwood completed each stage through shop installed grout ports in the DuroMaxx liner pipe, monitoring each stage. The entire portion of the annular space between the reline pipe and the existing structure was completely filled with grout for the full length of the structure. Ironwood continually evaluated the uplift/buoyancy forces exerted by the grout on the reline pipe and took adequate measure to prevent flotation of the pipes during the grout placement.

William C. Keihl of Ironwood Heavy Highway affirmed, “Contech representatives provided support throughout the project, including cost alternatives beginning at bid time and during the value engineering proposal development. The engineering guidance and expertise greatly helped in the success of this project. Ultimately, the proposal’s acceptance by Monroe County and Costich Engineering representatives illustrated a sincere belief that the concept of a contractor providing an alternative idea can lead to win-win solutions to the owner and the travelling public. Ironwood Heavy Highway, LLC thoroughly evaluated all steps in the process of this installation and executed the plans perfectly. A rare project where all participants formed a team that trusted one another’s contributions.”

The total installation took only five days and once completed offered a new pipe that is expected to last in excess of 100 years. All involved parties including Ironwood Heavy Highway, Costich Engineering and the Monroe County DOT were extremely satisfied with the outcome of this effective, sliplining solution.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE Liner Pipe
  • Diameter: 108-in.
  • Length: 140 LF (20' sections)

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