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HSA | Hunt Logistics III

Kansas City, Missouri

Surface Runoff


Hunt Midwest


Olsson Associates


Miller-Stauch Construction Co., Inc. (GC) & Rainbow Construction (Utility Contractor)


January 2019

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™, variable height, ALT2 ULTRA FLO® CMP
  • Diameter: 36-inch & 15-inch
  • Length: 844 LF (36-inch) & 255 LF (15-inch)

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Hunt Midwest is a real estate development company that focuses on development, construction, and management experience in a wide range of projects including industrial, commercial, mission critical, self-storage, residential, multifamily, senior living, mixed-use developments.

To address the increased market demands for more warehouse space in the area, Hunt Midwest initially constructed two logistics centers, HMBC Logistics I and II. Those were quickly leased out, and they realized additional space was still needed.

The central location and scalable footprint of Hunt Midwest, with access to multiple highways and interstates, have allowed them to quickly expand. With this continued momentum, Hunt Midwest initiated the construction of another 650,000 square feet of additional building inventory. HSA | Hunt Logistics III, a 217,783 square foot, 32’ clear height building with an adjacent 3.45 acres of secured, outside storage, was slated for construction with occupancy in March 2019. As a result of the development of these new storage facilities, the increase in impervious surface space above needed to include an efficient surface runoff solution.

The civil engineer, Olsson Associates, reached out to Contech Engineered Solutions to assist in a solution. In response, Contech proposed the use of a Contech Variable Height Slotted Drain™ (VHSD) system capable of handling the expected surface runoff. VHSD allowed the pavement to be graded/sloped away from the building. This design allows the water to be intercepted by the grate, and the invert of the pipe is sloped to usher the water from the pavement into the drainage ditches.  This simplifies the earthmoving process and provides a very flat pavement for the semi trucks to back into the loading docks.

The proposal was accepted and Contech was able to quickly manufacture the 36-inch and 15-inch ALT2 ULTRA FLO® variable height Slotted Drain™ system which was then shipped directly to the site. Slotted Drain™ is unique in that it can efficiently remove sheet flow without multiples grades or additional water channeling devised, allowing for a clean, practical, and aesthetically please inlet for the removal of surface runoff – exactly what was needed for this new facility.

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™, variable height, ALT2 ULTRA FLO® CMP
  • Diameter: 36-inch & 15-inch
  • Length: 844 LF (36-inch) & 255 LF (15-inch)

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