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Lordstown, Ohio

Storm Sewer


TJX Companies, Inc. / HomeGoods


MS Consultants


Independence Excavating


February 2020

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® ALT2 with QUICK STAB® joints
  • Diameter: 42-inch through 72-inch
  • Length: 7,097 LF

HomeGoods, a part of the TJX Companies, Inc., opened a new distribution center in Lordstown, Ohio. As a part of this new development, a large-diameter storm sewer system was needed to handle the increase in surface runoff because of the additional impervious surface.

A solution that was both cost-effective and easy to install was desired. The plans were put out to bid, but some of the sewer was larger than 60” diameter and Contech was contacted to offer a solution. Contech reached out to MS Consultants, the project engineer, and asked if they would be willing to consider an ULTRA FLO® storm sewer system as an alternate on the project plans.

MS Consultants accepted the proposed ULTRA FLO® as an ideal option for the storm sewer. The contractor awarded the work, Independence Excavating, decided to utilize ULTRA FLO due to its cost savings when compared with HDPE or concrete alternatives. Providing a Manning's "n of 0.012 with its unique smooth walled interior, the ULTRA FLO system would improve the flow of the increased runoff, while its lightweight properties allowed for longer lengths for quick installation and ease of handling. Ultimately, not only did this solution meet the structural design requirements of the project, it also provided the lowest cost option.

Contech provided layout drawings to assist with the installation and conducted pre-construction meeting with the contractor to ensure the project went smoothly. The ULTRA FLO storm sewer system included 1,654 LF of 42-inch diameter; 1,517 LF of 48-inch diameter; 2,123 LF of 60-inch diameter; 167 LF of 66-inch and 1,636 LF of 72-inch. The system incorporated QUICK STAB® bell and spigot joints to speed the installation process. The contractor, Independence Excavating, were able to join the pipe segments 50 to 90 percent faster than if a standard band option had been utilized. The system was successfully installed, and both the contractor and engineer were pleased. The finished HomeGoods site can be seen from the Ohio Turnpike on the south side of the highway near the Lordstown exit.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® ALT2 with QUICK STAB® joints
  • Diameter: 42-inch through 72-inch
  • Length: 7,097 LF

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