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Hinkston Creek Trunk Sewer

Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Sanitary Sewer


Mount Sterling Water & Sewer Department


CDP Engineers, Inc.


Charles Contracting Co., Inc.


Summer 2002

Technical Description:

  • A-2000 11,300 LF of 36-in. dia6,340 LF of 30-in. dia

Mount Sterling Water and Sewer System needed a 30-in. and 36-in. sanitary sewer trunk line to handle increases in local sewer flows in the Hinkston Creek area. The project required a high performing sewer pipe to withstand the deep burial requirements - as much as 25-ft. + in some areas.

“We historically have only used ductile iron pipe, but decided to consider Contech’s A-2000 PVC pipe due to its inherent corrosion resistance, long-term durability and proven history,” said David Pearce, General Manager of the Mount Sterling Water & Sewer Department. “We were not disappointed. Previously, we had to use a “special coating” with the ductile iron pipe in order to prevent corrosion.”

Taking into account the cost of material and production costs, A-2000 provided a lower overall cost versus ductile iron pipe and saved the owner money.

“At first, we were a little concerned with the pipe being more than 25’ deep, but we did the air & mandrel test of the entire 17,000-ft. + of pipe and A-2000 passed every test,” said Cole Mitcham with CDP Engineers. “ We are extremely pleased with A-2000 pipe and plan to use it again. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget – everyone involved with this project, including our client, is very happy.”

“We installed the A-2000 pipe faster than we were expecting,” said Phlip Charles of Charles Contracting Co., Inc. “We finished the job ahead of schedule and increased the bottom line.”

Technical Description:

  • A-2000 11,300 LF of 36-in. dia6,340 LF of 30-in. dia

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