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Harmony Hill Winery

Bethel, Ohio

Storage Structure


Harmony Hill Vineyards


JT King & Co


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November 30, 2006

Technical Description:

  • Span: 14 ft
  • Rise: 8 ft
  • Length: 32 ft

While touring wine country in Napa Valley, California, the owners of Harmony Hill Vineyards in Bethel, Ohio, discovered the CON/SPAN® wine vault. They’d been looking for a way to expand their vineyard, and saw going underground as their best option.

The wine cave is made up of four CON/SPAN precast arches that are buried underground. Using a ‘gravity fed’ system of hoses running from a fermentation room downhill to the cave, 16 59-gallon oak barrels of wine are filled and ready to be stored. Without heat or air conditioning, the cave consistently remains between 55 and 58 degrees year round.

During the summer, the cave is open for tours. However, once the barrels are full and maintaining temperature becomes a concern, the cave is open on a more limited basis. Harmony Hill produces 700 cases of wine a year and is known for their unusual and tasteful blends.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 14 ft
  • Rise: 8 ft
  • Length: 32 ft

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