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Grand Marais

Jennings, Louisiana

Drainage Ditch Lining


City of Jennings


Aucoin & Associates, Inc.


Bessett Development, Inc.


Spring 2005

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorLoc® Class 3510
  • Area: 13,320 sf

During the fall of 2004 the city of Jennings, Louisiana recognized the need for drainage improvement along the side of a local high school football eld. The concrete revetment used previously in the Grand Marias Lateral, which drains a majority of the city’s storm water, had failed in many areas of the site and washed downstream.

The goal of the project was to clear and widen the existing channel to provide a greater capacity for water ow. Aesthetics were also considered as the area would be visible to both those in the football stands as well as those walking by. The chosen ArmorLoc 3510 ACB block revetment was able to reverse the destructive situation and provide vast improvements both structurally and aesthetically. A total of 13,320 sf of hand-placed ACB revetments were installed up and downstream. Sediment from subsequent ow events will serve to ll the open cells of the block units as a means of promoting vegetation.

At the time of construction, two preexisting 48” culvert pipes that lay beneath the crossing for pedestrians and ambulance access to the eld had choked the ow of the channel causing portions to erode. As part of the site improvements, a new aluminum box culvert replaced the pipes.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorLoc® Class 3510
  • Area: 13,320 sf

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