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Ft. Stewart 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Complex

Fort Stewart, Georgia



Fort Stewart




Angelo Iafrate Construction Company


November 2009

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24 ft
  • Rise: 5 ft
  • Length: 159 ft

Fort Stewart was established in 1940 as the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Training Center. Currently, Fort Stewart is 279,200 acres in size, stretches over five counties and is the largest installation east of the Mississippi River.

As part of the Army’s “Grow the Force” initiative, Fort Stewart was chosen as the home of the U.S. Army’s 5th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) and a Combat Team Complex was constructed under the direction of the Army Corps of Engineers. Unfortunately, just before the construction contract was awarded, budget cuts scrapped the addition of the 5th IBCT. After much political intervention, the Complex was built and given to the existing 4th IBCT.

The Complex is located on a 500 acre site and was designed to accommodate nearly 3,600 soldiers. Construction included twenty barracks, a dining hall, a physical fitness center, a medical facility and brigade headquarters. Also needed, were a network of roadways and pedestrian ways, a sewage lift station and an elevated water tank. The network of roadways called for a bridge to serve as a stream crossing without disturbing the wetlands in the area.

A 24’ x 5’ CON/SPAN® Bridge System, 159’ in length, with precast headwalls and wingwalls, was chosen because the owner preferred a concrete solution. In addition, the clear span and natural bottom minimized disturbance to the surrounding wetlands. Installation of all of the precast elements – 20 bridge units, two headwalls and four wingwalls – took place in just over 7 hours.

“Due to collaboration between Contech and Iafrate Construction, the CON/SPAN structure was designed and planned well,” stated Mark Green, Site Superintendent with Angelo Iafrate Construction Company. “The prephase preparation and onsite personnel at the installation made the install a breeze. The bridge itself went together as easily as a building block set, and the backfilling and clean up operation went smoothly as well. All in all, it was a great structure to work with and install.”

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24 ft
  • Rise: 5 ft
  • Length: 159 ft

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