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Since 2014

Technical Description:

(120+) Jellyfish® Filters - Manholes and Vaults since 2014

The Edwards Aquifer is home to diverse fauna and is a drinking water source for San Antonio and surrounding central Texas communities. Because it is a karst aquifer, fractures, caves, sinking streams, and sinkholes act as conduits to the aquifer from the surface. While this means that the aquifer recharges quickly after a rain event, it also means that any surface pollution from stormwater runoff or spills will directly impact the aquifer's water quality, possibly impairing drinking water and affecting the sensitive ecosystem.

The Edwards Aquifer protection plan (EAPP) was created to protect the aquifer and outlines the best management practices to be implemented and maintained, both during and after construction activities. This includes an 80% TSS removal requirement for all building on the recharge or contributing zones of the Edwards Aquifer.

With testing results showing 86% TSS removal, owners and engineers are choosing the Contech Jellyfish vs. conventional land-based BMP's especially on projects where maximizing valuable land space is critical. Over 120 Jellyfish systems in various configurations have been installed over the Edwards Aquifer since 2014. The Contech Jellyfish has been installed on all types of projects in Central Texas including public roadways, commercial sites and residential developments. The Jellyfish Filter can be can be configured in a variety of ways to meet site-specific requirements including peak diversion vaults, manholes, curb inlets, grate inlets or other custom configurations.

Contech assists engineers specifying the Jellyfish Filter with hydraulic sizing calculations per TCEQ guidelines, site-specific drawings and cost estimates to help the engineer better analyze the best long-term stormwater treatment solution. On-site support is also available to contractors installing Jellyfish systems.

Technical Description:

(120+) Jellyfish® Filters - Manholes and Vaults since 2014


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