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Pine Street Storage

Naples, Florida

Stormwater Detention


2447 Pine Street, LLC


Q. Grady Minor and Associates, P.A.


BJ Excavating Enterprises, Inc.


February 2021

Technical Description:

  • ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Chamber System 

Managing a project's stormwater requirements by going underground often includes a greater initial capital investment.  Once the decision is made to store stormwater underground, it is essential to evaluate multiple solutions to manage the cost of the system.  Once a solution is selected, its unique features can complicate pursuing more cost-effective alternatives once designed and permitted, as doing so can result in the need for permit modifications. Too often, the project team can feel locked in.  However, that is not always the case. 

The project includes a storage facility, as well as indoor kennels, outdoor play areas, and a pool used in a doggy daycare function.  The project also includes several units to serve as a storage facility. Then there's parking for both.  Even with an offsite pond, an underground system was still needed to meet the stormwater requirements of this aggressive development.  The original design proposed a competitor's plastic chamber system located under the parking and play areas.  The system included 147 chambers providing 12,798 cf of storage.

As construction neared and bids were solicited, the contractor and Contech discussed a more cost-effective solution.  However, it was essential that the alternate did not delay the project's schedule.  Contech's ChamberMaxx proved to be the perfect solution by addressing both of these concerns.  It was less expensive, and since it was a direct equal, it did not require permit modifications.  It was a win all around.

Contech held a pre-construction meeting with the contractor to review installation procedures and discuss best practices.  Fast turnaround are another benefit of this solution. The short lead times enabled the system to be installed quickly and construction to proceed as scheduled.  

Technical Description:

  • ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Chamber System 

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