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Daves Creek Culvert Reconstruction

Cumming, Georgia



Windermere Community Association


Keck & Wood


Core & Main / GS Construction


August 2022

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 84-inch
  • Length: 360 LF (three runs of 120 LF)

The Windermere community is a residential development located in the heart of Cumming, Georgia. With such amenities as a fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, a scenic amphitheater and an aquatic center, its residents have a multitude of things to do and enjoy.

There is also an 18-hole golf course located within the Windermere development with a golf cart path that crosses over a waterway called Daves Creek. Due to a series of heavy rainfall events in the area, the creek water levels rose significantly causing flooding and ground erosion around an existing culvert.

The noticeable erosion around the culvert was concerning. The original culvert was unable to handle continued rainfall events of that scale. With that in mind, the Windermere Community Association determined that a new culvert solution was necessary to address the concerns of the local community.

While considering various options, the Association new that the final solution must be one that would not interfere with access to the course too much or impact the surrounding houses. Ultimately, a DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) solution manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions was selected because of its smooth interior that allowed for increased flow and improved hydraulics. Additionally, lead times for other options were significantly longer (most several months out) and would not fit within the proposed timeframe. DuroMaxx® could be manufactured and delivered to the site within their desired 6–7-week lead time.

The failing culvert would be replaced with three runs of 120 LF of 84-inch diameter DuroMaxx® SRPE for a total of 360 LF. Each barrel consisted of three 40’ pieces. Each run had two 84-inch welded coupler (WC) joints. The pipe was manufactured with square ends to allow for the integration of a concrete headwall for both the inlet and outlet ends. At its highest point, the height of cover was 18.5' over the 84-inch DuroMaxx® pipe. Steel reinforcing ribs provide a strong core for DuroMaxx®, and high-density polyethylene resin provides long-lasting durability at deeper fill heights.

In the end, Contech provided a timely solution that could handle the increased demands of the creek, a reliable system with ease of installation, and onsite support to the contractors throughout the entire installation process.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 84-inch
  • Length: 360 LF (three runs of 120 LF)

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