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El Segundo, California

Stomwater Infiltration


Utah Partners, LLC


CW Howe, Inc.


Coastline Contractors


January, 2013

Technical Description:

860' of Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

Long a bastion of aerospace and defense businesses, El Segundo is an emerging market for technology, media and entertainment companies. El Segundo offers lower real estate costs, easy access to LAX and freeways and close proximity to the ocean, all of which are creating an influx of creatively designed office buildings that offer clients a way to enjoy a distinctive workplaces in an affordable way.

A stormwater infiltration solution was recently installed for a group of office buildings in El Segundo, California. The solution met Low Impact Development (LID) requirements with infiltration occuring in separate sub basins.

With the designed size of the office buildings, the owner required that the local stormwater regulations be met while maximizing the use of the parking area in the urban setting. Contech Engineered Solutions was contacted and 60” perforated, galvanized corrugated metal pipe (CMP) proved to be the most economical way to infiltrate the water. Further, Contech was able to meet the size constraints imposed by the site.

Due to various utility conflicts, the Contech systems were sized and shaped to fit each of the five areas, all with tight footprints and storage availability. The CMP systems were an efficient and economical solution for the site.

A total of 860 LF of perforated CMP was installed underground in January for a total of 25,265 CF of storage.

“The pipe went in much faster than we expected” stated Sam Wisse, Owner/Project Manager of Coastline Contractors. “It is also very easy to install”


Technical Description:

860' of Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2

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