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Coffee Pot Drainage Improvements

Sedona, Arizona

Storm Drain


City of Sedona


J.E. Fuller


Tiffany Construction



Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® 12 GA, aluminized
  • Diameter: 72-inch and 120-inch drop structure
  • Length: 3,400 LF

The City of Sedona determined that an upgrade was needed for an existing storm drain infrastructure along Coffee Pot Road in Sedona, Arizona. These improvements were rolled out in four different phases.

The Casa Bonita subdivision, located along Coffee Pot Road, is known for its southwest style condos that are conveniently located in the heart of West Sedona. Phase I would include a storm drain system along this residential area, significantly improving the roadway for the residents. Phase 2 included another 72-inch storm drainage system at the Coffee Pot Drive Crossing and along Grasshopper Lane. Phase 3 included a 72-inch storm drainage system along Grasshopper Lane up to the downstream side of Sanborn Drive. The final phase, Phase 4, consisted of 72-inch storm drain system from the downstream end of Sanborn Drive then along Little Elf Drive. This final section included an inlet structure and a sediment basin.

The project engineer, JE Fuller, designed the system to incorporate an ULTRA FLO® storm drain system manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions. The 72-inch, 3,400 LF storm drain system would improve the surrounding area and was designed to convey up to a 25-year storm event. ULTRA FLO was ideal as it could handle both the structural and hydraulic requirements of the project. The new storm drain system was installed in extremely tight trenches, and the low profile allowed for a much easier install. Because ULTRA FLO weighs less than 10% of concrete pipe, the handling and installation of the 10' pipe lengths significantly reduced total installed costs while working around the trench shoring and tight site constraints. The ULTRA FLO storm drain system provided a quick and cost-effective solution. Contech also provided the 120-inch drop structure required for the final phase of the improvement project. The City of Sedona was extremely pleased with the ULTRA FLO storm drain system.

The Associate Engineer of the City of Sedona, David Peck, commented, "Contech delivered 3,400' of 72" CMP, three 10' diameter drop structures with 72" inlets and outlets, and many other fittings and access risers for this project. They also helped with value engineering by fabricating the 20' tall by 10' diameter CMP drop structures in lieu of cast-in-place concrete structures."

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® 12 GA, aluminized
  • Diameter: 72-inch and 120-inch drop structure
  • Length: 3,400 LF

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