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ChenMed Senior Medical Center

Tampa, Florida

Stormwater Detention


ChenMed Senior Medical Center 


VHB, Inc. 


R.E. Beckner Construction, Inc. 


July 2018

Technical Description:

984 LF of 45" Aluminized Steel Type 2

ChenMed provides reliable healthcare services for seniors of low to moderate income levels is North Tampa.

Thier new building was constructed in a well-developed area requiring the stormwater facility be placed underground. The Contech perforated pipe solution was selected based on its ability to optimize the vertical storage which results in a more efficient and cost-effective solution and a high degree of connectivity, which promotes flow distribution within the system.

Contech's minimum cover is among the lowest in the industry and pipe is available in over 100 diameters. Starting with 12” minimum cover and adding the ability to fabricate in 1-inch increments allows engineers to comfortably design right up to the minimum cover threshold, getting the most out of their design.

For this project, engineers at VHB selected a 45” custom diameter perforated pipe backfilled with stone to enhance the system’s storage capacity and allow for water quality treatment through percolation. Contech's pipe has been load tested with soil as the backfill. So when stone is used with Contech’s pipe, there are no minimum requirements. In this region of Florida stone is expensive and minimizing its quantity provides substantial savings. Recognizing this, the engineers at VHB specified stone only 3” above and below the pipe.

The optimized design and reduced stone limits delivered an efficient, cost-effective solution.

Technical Description:

984 LF of 45" Aluminized Steel Type 2


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