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Cameron Road Improvements

Austin, Texas

Stormwater Retrofit


Travis County


Jacobs - Austin 


Winter 2022

Technical Description:

(4) JellyFish Filter Vaults

The 2.1 mile Cameron Road improvement project in Travis County Texas widened and realigned the existing 2-lane road to a 4-lane divided arterial with a bike lane and sidewalk.

Four JellyFish stormwater filtration systems were specified along the roadway to meet stormwater quality requirements in areas without the right of way to accommodate land-based solutions. Engineers used the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality RG-348 design procedure to design the JellyFish filters.

Contech Stormwater Design Engineers worked with the engineering team at Jacobs to maximize the efficiency of the design of the systems. The Jellyfish systems were originally designed as offline manholes. By proposing peak diversion vaults, Contech stormwater engineers could keep the treatment units in line, omitting the need for separate diversion structures.

In addition, at one location, Contech engineers designed a single 8’ x16’ JellyFish instead of two 10’ offline manholes in parallel as initially designed. The JellyFish had to be placed under a roadway. With a single vault, engineers could place the access manholes in the center turn lane, facilitating accessibility for inspection/maintenance.

Since the County will maintain the Jellyfish filters, long-term maintenance was a specific concern when selecting the treatment system. The filter cartridges are maintained by removing, rinsing, and reusing the cartridge tentacles, while ­captured pollutants in the sump are removed by vacuum extraction. ­ Cartridge replacement intervals differ by site due to varying pollutant loading, type, and maintenance frequency; however, replacement is anticipated every 2-5 years.

Technical Description:

(4) JellyFish Filter Vaults


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