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Burlington International Airport

Burlington, Vermont

Stormwater Detention


City of Burlington.


Hoyle Tanner & Associates


SD Ireland


Summer 2022

Technical Description:

  • 358 LF of perforated 72” Aluminized Steel Type Two
  • 521 LF of perforated/solid 72” Aluminized Steel Type Two
The Burlington International Airport has received multiple FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants over the last decade, funding a significant integration update for the Terminal and reconstruction of a Taxiway. Some of the funding also went to rebuilding Terminal Aprons. In 2022, construction started on another apron, this one designed to provide overnight parking for planes away from the Terminal. Construction for this apron also included the creation of new stormwater treatment facilities. Plans called for two infiltration galleries – one over a bed of sand to provide treatment of the water quality storm and the other to provide supplemental storage and infiltration for larger storm events.

The contractor, SD Ireland, had worked on other projects at the airport that used large-diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) from Contech, so they contacted Contech to discuss options for this project. The specified storage systems were expensive and had a long lead-time, so the contractor proposed perforated corrugated metal pipe (CMP) as an alternative, which the engineer accepted. Contech worked closely with the engineer and contractor to optimize the design, including accepting more volume when late design changes were required. 

The final system consisted of two parts. Part A used 358 LF of perforated 72" Aluminized Steel Type Two installed above a bed of sand with an underdrain designed by the engineer to provide treatment. Part B used 521 LF of solid/perforated 72" Aluminized Steel Type Two for supplemental storage and infiltration. 

Once the design was finalized with all stakeholder's demands met, the main concern was meeting the delivery deadline that prompted the initial material change. The manifold and pipe run ends containing bulkheads were made from solid pipe, allowing the fabrication team to start producing those pieces before the perforated coil could arrive at the plant. The long pieces of straight pipe used perforated material and only needed to be rolled into the correct size before being shipped. This allowed Contech to be very responsive to the contractor's need to get material on-site rapidly for the installation.

Technical Description:

  • 358 LF of perforated 72” Aluminized Steel Type Two
  • 521 LF of perforated/solid 72” Aluminized Steel Type Two

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