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Bradley Park

Peoria, Illinois

Bridge Replacement


Maurer-Stutz, Inc.


N.E. Finch Co.


October 2021

Technical Description:

• 42' x 12' x 42' CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System
• 1381 sf of Vist-A-Wall MSE Wall System®

When the existing deck beams and timber piles of a 90 year old bridge over Dry Run Creek in Bradley Park deteriorated beyond repair, a new structure was needed. The bridge provides access to two dog parks, several disc golf holes and the Peoria Park District's Maintenance and Facilities building. Park officials and engineer Maurer-Stutz, Inc. turned to Contech Engineered Solutions for help.

After evaluating the options, it was determined that a 42' x 12' CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System, 42' in length, was the best replacement solution for its cost savings, functionality and aesthetics. It will require less maintenance than a traditional steel or deck beam bridge. Additionally, the clear span of the new, wider structure allows the stream bed to reestablish and was designed to handle large storm events to prevent scouring. Maurer-Stutz and Contech Engineered Solutions were also able to incorporate an ADA sidewalk with railing on both sides of the roadway.

“We are really happy we got sidewalks on both sides of it," stated Mike Friberg, a Planner with the district. "That will really improve the bridge for pedestrians because the old bridge only had sidewalks on one side."

The installation of the precast bridge went smoothly and occurred in just one day. A smooth finish on both the precast headwalls and 1381 sf of a Vist-A-Wall MSE Wall System® provided an economical option. When the sandy soils were causing difficulty with the cast-in-place pedestal foundations for the walls, contractor N.E. Finch Co. quickly pivoted to find an alternative and was granted approval to use sheet piling with a concrete cap instead.

In the end, the CON/SPAN was the perfect replacement solution for the site, and the Peoria Park District and Maurer-Stutz were pleased with the outcome.

“Maurer-Stutz was proud to be part of this project," concluded Curtis Lynn, P.E., Construction Group Lead with Maurer-Stutz. "We enjoyed working with the Peoria Park District and Contech while being part of a project that benefits the community."

Technical Description:

• 42' x 12' x 42' CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System
• 1381 sf of Vist-A-Wall MSE Wall System®

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