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Boardman Dam Removal & River Restoration

Traverse City, Michigan



Traverse City




Michels Corporation


July 2017

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40T
  • Area: 11,068 SF

Like many rivers across Michigan, the Boardman River has been dammed at a number of locations over the years. The Department of Natural Resources has been working with other entities to remove or modify those dams to restore the Boardman. The Boardman River project is the most comprehensive dam-removal and watershed-restoration effort in Michigan's history and represents a model for how diverse organizations can collaborate effectively to work through complex issues that span multiple jurisdictional boundaries. The project actively engaged local, state, federal and tribal units of government, as well as non-profit environmental groups, educational institutions, stakeholders and the general public. When fully implemented, the Boardman Dam Removal & River Restoration project will reconnect over 160 miles of river and tributary streams while restoring wetlands and upland habitats.

The uniqueness of the project's two-stage deconstruction defined a necessary collaboration between the AECOM design engineer and Contech Engineered Solutions. The project required a balance between the deconstruction of the berm and the installation of the articulating concrete block (ACB) spillway. The robust hydraulic performance of ArmorFlex® coupled with its ease of installation allowed it to easily meet the project demands. "Speed, ease, cost, passing hydraulic events and again cost were the specific drivers for this project. All of our expectations were met leading up to and during construction:' stated AECOM's Senior Hydrologist, Water Group.

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40T
  • Area: 11,068 SF

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