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Alderbrook Inn

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Stormwater Management


North Forty Lodging LLC



Technical Description:

  • Vortechs® System Models 4000 and 3000

In June 2003, ground broke for the renovation of Alderbrook Inn, a historic resort located along the shores of Hood Canal just west of Seattle. When the inn was founded in 1913, no roads existed to the property. Guests arrived by steamer and were shuttled by boat to the resort, which included 11-acres of waterfront and 60-acres of hillside land.

The Challenge
In 2001, North Forty Lodging LLC purchased Alderbrook Inn and began the transformation of the property into a four-star hotel, spa, and conference center.

A major part of the renovation involved moving State Route 106, the main road to the resort, into the hillside above the resort. This lead to a new parking lot close to the inn entrance.

The Solution
Treating stormwater was a major concern for design engineers, as preserving Hood Canal was imperative. Without stormwater treatment, runoff from the site’s parking lots and roadways would be discharged directly into the canal.

Contech worked with project engineers to achieve the highest level of treatment possible while still being cost effective. A Vortechs® System model 4000 was installed near the cottages to treat flows up to 6.00 cfs – the 100-year storm. A Vortechs model 3000 was installed near the resort portion to treat up to 4.5 cfs of flow. Treatment of the flow will achieve at least an 80 percent net annual TSS removal of 50-micron sized particles. A sand and gravel media filtration system was also installed on site to reduce smaller particles and nutrients in the runoff.

The Result
The new Alderbrook Inn, while preserving the integrity and beauty of Hood Canal, is poised to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination resort for the leisure visitor, as well as a first-class conference and retreat center. The resort opened its doors in June 2004.

Technical Description:

  • Vortechs® System Models 4000 and 3000

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