Metric Sheeting

Metric Sheeting

A Unique Steel Sheeting with the Industry’s Best Strength to Weight Ratio. Cold-formed Contech Metric Sheeting serves where heavy hot-rolled sheeting is impractical & where other materials are structurally inadequate. Metric Sheeting's unique profile gives it a higher degree of stiffness.

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Metric Sheeting's unique profile gives it a higher degree of stiffness resulting in the industry's best strength to weight ratio. Higher stiffness also results in less driving effort.

Benefits of Metric Sheeting:

  • Greater laying width – 215/8” net laying width means more coverage per section driven
  • Higher stiffness – translates into less driving effort
  • ALUMINIZED STEEL Type 2 coating – provides improved durability versus galvanizing for applications requiring longer life or when aesthetics are a concern
  • Galvanized coatings – available for additional corrosion protection

Technical information for this product is centrally located in the technical guides section.

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Metric Sheeting for Earth Retention

Contech Metric Sheeting offers solutions for light-duty earth retention needs. Installation can be conducted with two laborers by pushing into the ground with a backhoe. In more difficult driving conditions, it can be driven with conventional drop hammers, vibratory drivers and diesel hammers.

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