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Through cost-effective engineered solutions, we help build, support, and sustain land development projects for engineers, contractors, architects, and owners. Our portfolio includes bridges, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary sewer, and stormwater management products.

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Exploring Alternatives to Reinforced Box Culverts for Large Storm Sewer Systems

When it comes to designing extensive storm sewer conveyance systems, engineers and agencies are constantly seeking innovative alternatives to traditional reinforced box culverts. Contech, a leading player in drainage and stormwater, has been at the forefront of exploring efficient and effective solutions for moving stormwater across the country. While concrete has been the default choice for larger systems, there's a compelling alternative worth considering – Smooth Cor™.

Innovative Solution for High Integrity Containment

DuroMaxx® SRPE emerges as an important solution for containment needs, offering cost-effectiveness and mitigating schedule impacts caused by supply shortages in the market for FRP, CIP, and pre-cast concrete containment tanks.

Unlocking the Advantages: The 5 Benefits of Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Systems

Proprietary stormwater treatment systems, or stormwater control measures (SCMs), offer several unique benefits compared to traditional land-based SCMs. Perhaps best known for their space-efficient design, making them well-suited and essential tools when managing stormwater runoff in ultra-urban environments, proprietary SCMs have several additional benefits discussed in this blog post.

Tackling Tailwater Challenges: Optimizing Hydrodynamic Separator Performance

Hydrodynamic separators are primarily designed to treat stormwater runoff by removing pollutants such as sediment, debris, oil, and grease. But what happens when tailwater conditions obstruct the flow?