Mining Solutions

Contech can facilitate the design, development and the construction of cost-effective haul roads, stream crossings, prefabricated bridges, road or rail tunnels, mine portals, drainage and pipe options, stormwater treatment solutions, diversion channels, conveyor enclosures, spillways, erosion control and retaining walls options.


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Flowing water can cause significant erosion. Control it with our effective range of products.
Geocomposite Drain products provide a specific engineered response to a particular drainage problem – how to collect and redirect water away from a structure or a site – providing an ideal solution for roadway edge drain systems, slope stabilization applications and more.
Easily support heavy loads with a variety of roadway and crossing solutions.
Our proven treatment systems can help meet requirements on your industrial or environmental remediation site.
Capture spilled or leadking fuel, oils, greases and other pollutants with our oil control products.
Our durable steel, aluminum or precast structures can meet heavy duty demands for industrial or mining sites.
Prevent movement and downslope erosion and provide support for grade changes with many of our products.
Our structures are the most widely used for tunnels due to their strength and flexibility.
Eliminate dangerous intersections and allow traffic to move more freely with our suite of durable structures.
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