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Oil Stop Valve

Oil Stop Valve

The Oil Stop Valve protects waterways from oil or petroleum spills. The passive spill stop valve detects accumulations of oil and activates a valve that positively stops the flow of stormwater and oil upstream from the valve.

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Protect Waterways from Oil Spills

Large, unpredictable oils spills can defeat even the most conservatively designed pollution control systems. The OSV is an economical option used to confine hydrocarbon spills to the premises for safe disposal. Contech’s OSV is fabricated from either non-corrosive Stainless Steel or PVC and has only one moving part, the ballasted float. When an oil spill occurs, the float loses buoyancy as the free-floating oil depth increases until it finally seats on the discharge port, closing and confining the spill.

Oil Stop Valve Construction

The Oil Stop Valve housing is fabricated from non-corrosive PVC (low risk of fire) or stainless steel (high risk of fire) to provide  greater design flexibility and pricing options. It is typically installed below ground and in-line with the piping system and can also be installed in pre-assembled concrete manhole or vault designs.

The Contech Advantage

Agency/Regulatory Guidance

Our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and assistance on local regulatory requirements, resulting in faster approvals.

Solution Development

Our engineers can review your requirements, weigh all options, and recommend the optimal solution to integrate with your site designs.

Technical Expertise

Our engineers can assist by providing product specific engineering calculations such as hydraulics, buoyancy, foundation reactions, and unit sizing.

Cost Estimates

We can quickly provide engineer’s cost
estimates to assist with your solution
selection process.

Site Specific Drawings

Our engineers can provide site-specific drawings for proposals, project meetings, and submittals, helping you be more efficient with your time.

On-site Assistance

Contractors know time is money, so we provide preconstruction meetings, delivery coordination, and on-site installation support to ensure a timely, smooth installation.


Consider the OSV for those applications where oil spills are possible, but unpredictable.

  • Electric power plants, transformer yards, substations
  • Crude oil, biodiesel, petroleum processing & storage facilities
  • Transportation fueling systems and equipment wash pads
  • Airports and aircraft services
  • Railyards
  • Truck & marine terminals
  • Post oil water separator
  • Military and government facilities
  • Fleet maintenance facilities
  • Commercial filling station
  • Auto part recyclers/salvage yards

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Dependable, gravity operation Can be used as part of a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan
Large flow capacity Eliminates the need for additional structures
Only one moving part, and no power requirement Low operation and maintenance costs
Self-operating options (slave valve) Ease of operation
Corrosion resistant construction Increased longevity and service life
Outlet sizes: 4”, 6”, 10” & 12” Design flexibility