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Vortex Valves

Vortex Valves

The Vortex Valve is an exceptional solution to engineers looking to precisely control the discharge flow rate from stormwater drainage, detention, and infiltration systems. The Vortex Valve controls flows by hydraulic effect without any moving parts.

Flow Control for Storm Sewer Systems

The Vortex Valve flow control can be used wherever there is a need to limit the rate of flow of surface stormwater within a drainage system implementing Typical applications include traditional detention/storage systems, media filtration systems, excess flows from soakaways/infiltration systems, wetlands, ponds and swales, and coalescing plate oil water separators.

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Precise Stormwater Flow Control

The Vortex Valve is an exceptional solution to engineers looking to precisely control the discharge flow rate from stormwater drainage, detention, and infiltration systems. The Contech Vortex Valve  control flows by hydraulic effect without requiring moving parts.

The design of the Vortex Valve produces a unique head / discharge relationship. The device self-activates by utilizing the upstream hydraulic head. The unit consists of an intake, a volute, and an outlet. Flow is directed tangentially into the volute to form a vortex that reduces the design peak discharge flow rate from the vortex valve far below an equivalent diameter simple orifice.

During low flow conditions, water entering through the inlet of the Vortex Valve passes through the volute section of the valve with negligible pressure drop. During high flow conditions, a vortex flow pattern develops within the device creating an air filled core. This phenomenon restricts and throttles the flow through the device, creating a back pressure in the device immediately upstream of its discharge.

During high flow rates, a Vortex Valve with a relatively large outlet opening performs similarly to a conventional orifice with a much smaller outlet opening; however, debris that might clog a smaller orifice is able to pass through the Vortex Valve because of the relatively larger flow path opening.

Vortex Valve Benefits

  • Precise flow control
  • No moving parts or power requirements
  • Self-activating
  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability
  • Anti-clogging design significantly reduces clogging and maintenance
  • Integral by-pass door allows access for cleaning
  • Flexible design fits multiple applications
  • Laboratory verified stage discharge curves provide predictable results
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel construction

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