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This patented technology is employed by the Stormwater Management StormFilter in order to prevent surface blinding, ensure use of all media, and prolong cartridge life. In principal, the system siphons stormwater runoff through its cartridge.First, stormwater enters a StormFilter cartridge, percolates horizontally through the cartridge’s filter

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Filtration CharacteristicsMedia Surface AreaFiltration flow rates are typically expressed as a surface area specific operating rate such as gallons per minute per square foot (gpm/ft2) of surface area. Lower specific operating rates translate to better performance and longer maintenance cycles. Specific operating rates higher than 2 gpm/ft2 of

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All stormwater BMP’s will require maintenance at some time or time interval. Long-term maintenance costs and maintainability are very important considerations. Here are some other things you should consider when discussing maintenance of your stormwater filtration system.1. Evaluate availability of maintenance contracting. It is the nature of

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