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Early in my stormwater monitoring days, even though I had access to high-end automated samplers, flow meters, and data loggers, transferring said data required a manual download to a laptop with a serial cable port. Also, my colleague John and I had to print out actual maps to find the monitoring sites. Naturally, this is unthinkable today, thanks

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We’ve all heard the expression “can’t see the forest for the trees,” but when’s the last time you can remember it applying to yourself?  As a stormwater engineer, I’ve spent 15 years focusing on the design of natural systems and manufactured devices that treat and/or infiltrate post-construction runoff, and there is ample opportunity to get lost in

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I had an interesting sequence of thoughts after watching my 12-year old daughter chat with a friend on her cell phone about a music video they were simultaneously streaming on their laptops.  It’s easy to marvel at a kid’s fluidity with technology that didn’t exist when they were born, but I realized that I, too, experienced this rapid adoption of

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