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Storm Sewer

Storm Sewer

Storm sewer pipes provide drainage for groundwater and rainwater from parking lots, streets, roofs, and other impervious surfaces. Contech offers a wide breadth of storms sewer solutions that provide drainage for groundwater, streets, roofs and other impervious surfaces.

Solutions include well-known products such as ULTRA FLO®, Smooth Cor™ and DuroMaxx® to assure the ideal drainage plan for your particular challenge.

  • Proven Performance
  • Structural Strength
  • Longer Lengths & Lighter Weights
  • Smooth Interior Improves Hydraulic Capacity
  • Custom Fittings & Coatings
ULTRA FLO for Storm Sewers and Drainage Pipe

No other storm sewers or drainage pipe structure offers the range of structural strength that’s available with ULTRA FLO - which continues to perform where rigid pipe fails. We offer coatings and linings that will provide a minimum of 75-year service life for most soil/water conditions. ULTRA FLO provides a Manning’s “n” = 0.012, equal to concrete pipe and other smooth wall drainage products. There are custom fittings and coatings to meet your project needs.

Smooth Cor Pipe for Storm Sewers

The rugged, corrugated steel shell of Smooth Cor pipe supplies the structural strength to outperform rigid pipe, while a smooth interior steel liner provides a Manning’s “n” of 0.012. This combination makes Smooth Cor pipe both the economical and performance alternate to concrete in many difficult situations such as weak soils, poor subsurface drainage conditions, steep slopes, and high fills.

Slotted Drain™ for Drainage

Slotted Drain is a continuous opening inlet that efficiently removes surface water on streets and highways. The grate on a standard 20-foot length of Slotted Drain will intercept up to 50% more runoff than most standard 2’ x 2’ grate inlets. In parking lots, Slotted Drain removes sheet flow without complex multiple grades or water channeling devices like asphalt dikes, berms and curbs.

Flow Control for Storm Sewer Systems

The Vortex Valve flow control can be used wherever there is a need to limit the rate of flow of surface stormwater within a drainage system implementing Typical applications include traditional detention/storage systems, media filtration systems, excess flows from soakaways/infiltration systems, wetlands, ponds and swales, and coalescing plate oil water separators.

DuroMaxx for Storm Sewers

DuroMaxx drainage pipe is ideally suited for the collection and removal of stormwater from highway, urban, industrial and residential projects. Its unique combination of steel reinforcement and pressure rated HDPE resin allows it to perform like no other drainage pipe on the market. Its 80 ksi high strength steel provides maximum load carrying capabilities with allowable cover limits ranging from 30 to 50 feet. High strength steel provides exceptional shape and deflection control even on warm, sunny days where typical corrugated HDPE drainage pipes fall short. Pressure rated HDPE resin provides unmatched durability. Abrasion and chemical resistance is unaffected by water pH levels unlike reinforced concrete pipe, where abrasion resistance varies with water pH levels. Joint tightness available for all applications - 10.8 psi high performance (HP), 3 psi low head (LH), 30 psi welded coupler (WC); and soil tight (ST) joints available.