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InnerFlow® Pipe System

The InnerFlow® Pipe System is a solid-wall, high density polyethylene pipe that incorporates a grooved interlocking joint that is used in slip-line and direct bury applications. Designed by a contractor with over 15 years of experience installing similar lining systems, InnerFlow solves the problems other products could not.

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InnerFlow Features and Benefits

Solid, smooth-wall high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe Lightweight, requires no specialty equipment, effectively and efficiently install hundreds of feet in one day
Corrosion and abrasion resistant Can be used in applications with corrosive or highly abrasive flows
Smooth interior Superior hydraulics; typically increase in flow capacity
Interlocking profile and unique push-face joint Rugged, watertight joint that will not detach while installing
Trenchless technology Economical alternative to excavation and replacement

Solid-Wall, High Density Polyethylene Pipe Lining System

InnerFlow has undergone many tests to prove its performance and capabilities for flow, durability, watertightness, and ease of installation. Product testing was performed to the testing specifications designated throughout the AASHTO Specification M-326-08. The InnerFlow test results have met and exceeded all of the requirements for HDPE slip-lining joint performance. With the interlocking profile and the unique push-face of the lnnerFlow joint - any installer can expect a joint that assures watertightness and enough ruggedness to prevent the pipe from detaching while installing.

The InnerFlow joint system uses an elastomeric gasket that is seated in its own profile groove on the inserted end which protects the gasket from being damaged during the installation as well as prevents the gaskets from getting twisted and performing below its capabilities. The elastomeric gasket is manufactured to ASTM D3212 specifications. The InnerFlow system is available in 10”-63” outer diameter sizes.

InnerFlow Properties

  • Available in 10” – 63” diameters
  • Variety of lengths (up to 49 feet)
  • Manning’s n of 0.009

InnerFlow Joint

  • Interlocking profile and unique push-face joint
  • Watertight joint meets ASTM D3212 requirements
  • Elastomeric gasket meets and exceeds AASHTO M326-08 specification

InnerFlow Applications

  • Culverts, Canals and Enclosures
  • Structure Rehabilitation and Pipe Reline

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