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CMP End Sections

Economical and hydraulically superior end treatment for culverts

Contech End Sections provide a practical, economical and hydraulically superior method of finishing a variety of culvert materials. The lightweight, flexible metal construction of Contech End Sections creates an attractive, durable and erosion-preventing treatment for all sizes of culvert inlets and outlets. They can be used with corrugated metal pipe with either annular or helical corrugations, and both reinforced concrete and plastic pipes. End Sections can be salvaged when lengthening or relocating the culvert.

What our End Sections have to offer:

  • Greatly improved flow characteristics
  • Improved scour and sedimentation conditions
  • Better-controlled headwater depth
  • Culverts aligned with stream flow and finished with Contech End Sections generally require no additional hydraulic controls
  • Blends well with surroundings
  • Unsightly weeds and debris collection at the culvert end are reduced
  • Lightweight equipment and simple crew instructions for easy installation
  • Tapered design promotes easier mowing and snow removal
  • Standard End Sections for corrugated metal pipe, reinforced concrete pipe, and HDPE Pipe