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As you make decisions as an engineering professional or owner, you are always reviewing a product’s ability to perform.  How many of these abilities do you think about? Durability, reliability, adaptability, but what about sustainability?  Sustainability has heightened attention from all aspects of the design process, and it is necessary to make

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I recently had the opportunity to host a national webinar on the topic of Ports & Airports and thought it would be a good idea to mention some of the items that were discussed on the Pipe Blog for those who may have missed it. Ports and Airports are like little cities with both little and big problems. These issues can vary quite vastly, but there

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If you were to work at a firm for 50 years or stay married to the love of your life for 50 years, would you say that was a remarkable milestone?   Would one consider this to be a life time of service where congratulations are in order?  So, tell me, when a design engineer chooses to use a pipe product that has an anticipated design service life of

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