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While many people can easily picture a length of pipe under a driveway when asked if they have seen corrugated metal pipe (CMP), most people are unaware of the versatility the product. CMP has been produced since the early 1900’s, and it has evolved to fill the need for many requirements. Here are some benefits which might be applicable to your

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Skiers and children on sleds love a slope on a snowy day, while grounds keepers dread the slopes in mowing season. Slopes are part of our landscape, and we need to deal with them. This applies to the design of a culvert installation as well, particularly when the slope is going across the culvert side-to-side, as opposed to being along the length

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One of the factors in determining the selection of a structure or structures to convey or store water is whether to use a single cell or multiple cell structures.The hydraulics and the economy of the solution are primary factors. While a single cell may be the more desirable option, the amount of headroom, or the vertical distance from the invert

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