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Last month, I was excited to present in a national webinar focusing on efficient design of storm sewer systems.  As part of the content, I shared a pipe technology that can be used as underground storage tanks for contaminated runoff and sanitary sewer – this information sparked several questions in the post webinar survey pertaining to floatation

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Imagine this: You’re hosting a dinner party at your home, and suddenly you notice water in the hallway. Oh, crap! The toilet is overflowing. Now imagine this occurring on a much larger scale when the city’s sanitary sewer system overflows and starts bubbling out of manholes into your backyard. The EPA estimates there are at least 45,000 sanitary

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Airports, theme parks, banks and grocery stores – we’ve all had the annoyance of standing in line, but in the wastewater pipe world, getting “in line” can be a good thing.Traditionally, designers of large diameter wastewater conveyance systems choose to incorporate concrete structures in order to provide necessary access for maintenance, to change

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