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As a kid, I always wanted to dig holes in the ground. My mom wouldn’t let me…mostly because it would make our yard look ugly, but perhaps, somewhere in the back of my mom’s mind she knew I was supposed to call 811 and verify if there were any utility lines in our yard. Now that I’m older and work for a company that manufactures and designs

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A question that comes up frequently: “Will this alternate pipe solution convey the same amount of flow that’s shown on these set of plans?”And the one thing most people tend to dread hearing is the same tired response: well, that depends. Why does it always have to depend on something? Just give me an answer: yes or no?As an engineer, it has been

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*Not Quite Everything****More of a RefresherWhat exactly is liquid limit? What does plasticity actually mean? What’s the cut-off between a gravel and a sand? We can pretty much blame three people for the majority of the soil classification terminology used in civil engineering today: a Swedish fellow named Albert Atterberg, and two

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