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Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) has a long history of use for culverts and other drainage applications since the product first came to market in 1896.  Galvanized (zinc coated) steel was the first protective metallic coating used to increase the service life of corrugated steel pipe.  Galvanized works well to increase the life span of steel in many

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Reclaim TunnelsA Reclaim Tunnel refers to a buried conduit that encloses a material conveyor. The conduit is used to transport aggregate, sand, coal or other minerals from a central stock pile to an off loading location. These material stock piles can be as tall as 80’ high. Reclaim Tunnels will normally have hopper openings to allow flow of the

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HistoryWhat sanitary sewer pipe on the market today was first installed while John Kennedy was our nation’s president?  TRUSS PIPE is the answer.                            After WWII and the Korean War there was an explosion of residential and commercial building along with sanitary sewer across our country.  With all the new building

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