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West Side Ambulatory Care

Golden, Colorado


West Side Ambulatory Care


HTM Construction


Fall 2009

A large 35-feet cut wall was needed, but there was an existing residential street on top. This prohibited having sufficient room for the necessary geogrid reinforcement. Space and site constraints are common challenges faced by retaining wall planners, and require creative and innovative solutions.

HTM Construction engineered the solution using 35,000 square feet of blocks from Keystone Retaining Wall Systems. The majority of the walls were shotcrete walls, which were then veneered with Keystone Compac II Stone Split style blocks. HTM Construction value engineered their own design using steel wire straps to connect the Keystone blocks to the shotcrete.

The custom-colored Stone Split style block was chosen by the project architect to accent the colors of the West Side Ambulatory Care building. The textured Stone Split block face created a more natural, aesthetic stone appearance for the walls.

Keystone Compac units are made of high-strength, low absorption concrete offering outstanding structural performance in a lightweight, space-saving design — perfect for tighter radius curves and corners. Keystone segmental retaining walls are capable of making a very strong connection to soil or rock nails. The patented high-strength pin connection system allows for ease of unit alignment and is the critical difference providing the safety and security of a structural retaining wall solution, whether for a landscaping project or large, loadbearing reinforced structures.

Technical Description:

  • Product: used:
  • Keystone® Compac II units 35,000 sq ft

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