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Well’s High School

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago Public Schools


Wight & Co


  • CPMH Construction
  • Kee Construction


August 2017

Technical Description:

4,322 LF of 36" Aluminized Steel Type 2

Wells High School in Chicago had a large concrete area used for baseball and other team sports. Plans to build new athletic fields started in 2012, with construction finally taking place in 2017. The new facility includes a turf field for various recreational activities and provided a significant upgrade for the school.

Even though the previous surface was impervious, the City of Chicago stormwater ordinance requires underground detention based on the area of disturbance construction activities will require. This ordinance is in place to limit discharges to the underground tunnel network where flows are combined with sanitary and are directed to a wastewater treatment plant. 

Wight & Company was contracted by Chicago Public Schools to provide the civil design for the project of which a large component was the underground detention system. Wight analyzed different solutions for storing stormwater on site and releasing it slowly to the City sewer network. Ultimately, Contech Aluminized CMP provided the right mix of durability, ease of installation, and the lowest installed cost. 

While space for the underground system was readily available, the headroom for storage was limited. Contech worked with Wight to design the most economical system using 36” diameter CMP with 16” spacing between the barrels. The use of exfiltration joints allowed for voids within the CA-7 backfill to be utilized for additional storage. The overall design limited the amount of excavation & haul-off along with the quantity of stone required. 

The installation went flawlessly. Students will be able to practice and play on the brilliant new field turf surface for years to come.

Technical Description:

4,322 LF of 36" Aluminized Steel Type 2

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