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University Starbucks – Re-Development & Parking Improvements

Las Cruces, New Mexico


Cervantes III Ltd


Pillar Engineering, LLC


Renegade Construction


Summer 2013

Technical Description:

  • 444' of 54" Aluminized Steel Type 2 

A residential area adjacent to New Mexico State University was re-developed as a mixed-use site with dental offices, retail, restaurants, & apartments. Las Cruses have permeable soils, so local regulations call for the use of infiltration ponds. However, an above-ground pond was not feasible at this site, as it would have limited parking access for clients & residents of the development and limiting potential revenue for the owners.

Engineers worked with Contech to design an underground infiltration system made from corrugated metal pipe (CMP) to provide the needed 7,033 CF of storage.

Storage was divided between two systems, each located under parking areas. The first system was a four-barrel system made from 280 LF of 54” perforated CMP. The second system was a three-barrel system made from 164 LF of 54” perforated CMP. Installation went smoothly, with excavation to final backfill taking place over weeks.

“The Contech system was a solution that provided cost savings and allowed us to have more parking spaces in our design,” said Martin J. Pillar, PE, President Pillar Engineering.

The Contech CMP detention system was a win-win as it allowed the owners to comply with local regulations, allowed the public to have convenient access to the mixed-use development, and allowed the developers to maximize revenue. 

Technical Description:

  • 444' of 54" Aluminized Steel Type 2 

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