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The New Town at St. Charles

St. Charles,

Stream Crossing


Whittaker Homes


Pickett Ray & Silver


Millstone Bangert


September 2, 2004

Technical Description:

  • Span: 16 ft (triple span), 42 ft (2)
  • Rise: 11 ft, 12 ft (2)
  • Length: 29 ft, 30 ft (2)

The New Town at St. Charles is a unique, pedestrian friendly neighborhood. Site planning firm DPZ saw the advantages of designing the development around a series of lakes, which could contain stormwater runoff and provide a dramatic and active waterfront.

The first bridge in the community was a triple span

CON/SPAN® arch bridge. The precast concrete bridge, chosen primarily for aesthetics, connects North & South New Town Avenues by crossing the canal at Canal Street. Developers saw this bridge as essential in helping visitors gain a sense of the pedestrian experience that DPZ had envisioned.

A few months later, two additional identical single span CON/SPAN bridges were installed. The vehicular bridges lead to a prominent civic green area near the town square.

“The bridges not only accommodate our residents who typically walk or bike to the lakes/canals, market, café, civic areas and more, but they are also a focal point of our town,” said Greg Whittaker, President of Whittaker Homes. “Contech offered a quality product that could be customized to our needs both structurally and aesthetically, which is very important in a place like New Town.”

Additionally, five Steadfast vehicular truss bridges and three Continental® pedestrian truss bridges have been installed throughout the development, and seveal more structures are in the planning stages for New Town.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 16 ft (triple span), 42 ft (2)
  • Rise: 11 ft, 12 ft (2)
  • Length: 29 ft, 30 ft (2)

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