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The Colony - Salt Storage Access

Park City, Utah


Iron Mountain Associates


Mulholland Development Solutions


Iron Mountain Associates


May 2010

The Colony is the largest ski-in/ski-out community and is nestled in the scenic mountain landscape near Park City, Utah. The Colony offers access to The Canyons, the fifth largest resort in North America, and includes a number of streams and drainage areas which are crossed at multiple locations.

One of these crossings required a structure to provide access to the development’s salt storage facilities. Maintaining access to the salt is critical during the ski season as the salt is used to de-ice the roads. In addition, the local Home Owner’s Association required that any bridge installed on the property exceed a 75 year design life.

A 20-ft. x 6.5-ft. Aluminum Box Culvert, 31-ft. in length, was chosen for its durability in harsh environmental conditions and its costs savings over a concrete structure. The structure also offered a large hydraulic flow area with a low profile and a more durable material than a steel bridge. Filter fabric was used to cover the connection between the structure and the footing pad to prevent soil migration. In addition, a PVC liner was installed over the structure as an added layer of protection from the salt mixes used on the overlying road.

“When we looked at the value engineering side of the project, the aluminum box culvert was the best solution,” stated Kristian Mulholland, Project Engineer with Mulholland Development Solutions. “The aluminum footing pads were able to replace a traditional concrete footing, which made for efficient and straightforward construction. This component was critical because the bridge was constructed over a live stream.”

Installation took just over one week to complete. The schedule was aided by the use of aluminum footing pads, significantly reducing the installation timeline compared to the use of concrete footings. In order to protect the footing pads, heavy riprap was utilized.

In addition to the Aluminum Box Culvert, 12 CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems were utilized in the community for the following purposes: vehicular overpass / ski underpass, ski overpass / vehicular underpass and bikeway-pedestrian overpass / roadway underpass. The CON/SPAN structures were also chosen for the speed of installation and durability to the harsh winter environment encountered onsite.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 20 ft
  • Rise: 6.5 ft
  • Length: 31 ft
  • Product: Aluminum Box Culvert

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