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The Aria at Stancliff

Houston, Texas


Aria Apartments 


AMC Engineers


Sendero Industries


August 2018

Technical Description:

3,820 LF of 120" Aluminized Steel Type 2

The Aria at Stancliff is one of three multi-residential developments being built in Houston by Aria Apartments.

The site was unique in that it falls in the FEMA 100yr flood plain and therefore needed floodplain mitigation as well as stormwater detention. Local regulations stated that while the two systems could be connected, the volumes for each system had to kept separate.

Keeping the two systems separate can be a challenge in urban environments where land space is limited. AMC Engineers worked with Contech to develop an underground detention system made from large diameter (120”) corrugated metal pipe (CMP). CMP’s flexible configuration and large pipe diameter allowed designers to layout a system that could meet the agency requirements. CMP was desirable due to lower installed cost and reduced footprint due to the large diameter of the system.

The complex system utilizes 3,820 LF of 120” aluminized steel type 2, 37 stubs, and 23 risers to provide 163,134 CF of mitigation storage volume and 130,880 CF of detention volume.

The city of Houston also requires sites larger than 1 acre to have a water quality feature. The meet this requirement Contech provided a VortSentry HS hydrodynamic separator. The VortSentry HS is a cost-effective, compact solution with an internal bypass weir that allows flows exceeding the treatment capacity to be diverted within the unit, eliminating the need for an external bypass structure.

Contech Stormwater Design Engineers provided engineering calculations and assisted with the site layout. The system was installed by Sendero Industries in one month.

Technical Description:

3,820 LF of 120" Aluminized Steel Type 2

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