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Stone Creek Subdivision

Ocala, Florida


Pulte Homes - Del Webb


Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc.


5-Star Landscaping


Spring 2006

Technical Description:

A new 18-hole, Terry Doss-designed championship golf course in Ocala, Florida, provides a unique feature with strategically placed water on 14 of 18 holes. Throughout the course, golfers will discover tunnels that pass underneath all major community roads for safe passage of golf carts and pedestrians.

Two structures were completed in the spring of 2006 as part of Phase One of construction. The aluminum boxculverts were installed under the main road leading into Stone Creek, providing access for construction vehicles and potential homebuyers to the development. They will also allow pedestrians and golf carts to travel the future golf course safely under roadway traffic.

The golf cart underpasses each have a 21’ span and an 8’-10” rise. One structure is 122 linear feet in length with 2.5’ of cover and the second stretches 83 feet with 1.5’ of cover.

Both structures feature modular block MSE retaining wall systems. Pulte also utilized Contech’s A-2000™ and ULTRA FLO ® pipes for the storm sewer system on the site. With a concrete pipe shortage, the products helped lower the total cost and delivered additional time savings for the development.

Technical Description:

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