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State Route 207 Widening

St. Johns County, Florida


Florida Department of Transportation


Boyle Engineering Lochner Consulting Engineers


Westwind Contracting, Inc.


January 01, 2004

The State Route 207 Widening project was completed using 5,400 LF of CORLIX Aluminum Storm Sewer Pipe in diameters of 18” through 42,” both arched and round. Also used was 9,820 LF of Aluminized Steel Type 2 (ALT2) ULTRA FLO Storm Sewer Pipe in diameters of 18” through 36” and 4,852 LF of A-2000 PVC Storm Sewer Pipe in diameters of 18” through 30.”

The CORLIX Aluminum Pipe, ALT2 ULTRA FLO and A-2000 PVC storm sewer system used by Westwind Contracting offered significant material and installation savings over RCP.

Contech’s CORLIX Corrugated Aluminum Pipe is the ideal pipe for municipal storm sewers, underground stormwater detention systems, or any standard drainage project that must withstand alkali soils and erosive environments. . Lighter weight and smaller outside diameter allow easier installation and CORLIX is also an economical alternative to reinforced concrete pipe.

The Florida Department of Transportation and Westwind Contracting saved time and money by using this FDOT approved combination of products offered by Contech.

Technical Description:

  • Products Used:
  • CORLIX® (Aluminum)
  • A-2000 PVC

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