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St. Jude’s Medical Center

Fullerton, California



St. Jude’s Medical Center


Swinerton Builders


Pacific Medical Buildings


November 2004

Swinerton Builders of Newport Beach California, a prominent design-build firm, wanted to incorporate a prefabricated solution in their St. Jude’s Medical Center project. The plan includes a pedestrian walkway that spans a roadway between the hospital’s parking ramp and the main facility.

It was not necessary that the walkway be a climate- controlled environment, yet some protection from the elements was necessary. To accomplish this, the walkway was designed to accommodate non-thermal glazing on the sidewalls. The glazing was left open at the bottom for ventilation.

To further control the project’s costs, the 143’ structure arrived in two sections, one 65’ long and the other 78’ in length. The individual bridge sections were shipped on their sides, meeting height restrictions and avoiding a span design that needed extensive on-site assembly. The customer was very pleased with the level of expertise and the project’s final cost. The structures were delivered to the site and installation took only one day.


Technical Description:

  • Width: 8 ft
  • Span: 143 ft
  • Style: Gateway®
  • Finish: Painted Steel
  • Decking: Concrete

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